Dr. Renée Hahn Integrative Chinese Medicine & Craniosacral Therapy is 20 years old!

I know, I can’t believe it either! 

In summer of 2003, I graduated from the oldest college of acupuncture in the U.S., the New England School of Acupuncture in Boston, with a Master’s degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. I was fortunate enough to learn craniosacral therapy through the continuing education department at my school, even though it is a western, osteopathic form of treatment.

During my Master’s program at NESA, I worked at the herbal dispensary for four years filling herbal prescriptions, and this was, additionally, a great learning experience. I also had an underground, donation-based craniosacral therapy practice while in school, by popular demand.

While in school, I was an eager and enthusiastic student who couldn’t wait to get out and start practicing my integrative approach of acupuncture, craniosacral therapy and herbal medicine. 

Before I had enrolled at NESA, I was particularly intrigued by how powerful herbal medicine is, having had a transformative experience with it for my own health in my 20s. My experience is what initially led me to study this ancient, sophisticated and comprehensive natural medicine.

After being the first NESA graduate to sit for and pass the California acupuncture exam, I practiced in Boston, also working in a public health acupuncture clinic for a year. 

In 2004, I headed to San Francisco, where I quickly built a steady and busy practice in the city’s Mission district while also volunteering at Charlotte Maxwell Integrative Cancer Care as an acupuncturist/herbalist and working part time at an acupuncture public health clinic. 

Fast forward to today, at my thriving clinic here in Hayes Valley – I also have received my doctorate in Acupuncture and Chinese medicine at American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco along the way, worked for several years with the California acupuncture board on development of the state licensing exam, learned an additional manual therapy of lymphatic drainage, and, significantly – improved the health of thousands of patients.

I’ve successfully treated a multitude of health conditions, from chronic and acute pain, TMJ, hormonal imbalance and gynecological problems, concussions, headache, immune and digestive issues, insomnia/stress, and more.

One of the great strengths of this medicine is the ability to help some patients avoid more invasive treatments such as surgeries and excessive pharmaceuticals, through acupuncture, hands-on therapies and internal herbal medicine.

One goal I have to is to provide botanical alternatives to common over-the-counter and prescription drugs which often come with unwanted side effects and even can be harmful in some cases. I feel I am continually  reaching this goal and am happy to know I can help you in this way. 

Also, to share positive outcomes, I am in the process of getting a case study on the successful treatment of agitation in Alzheimer’s disease with Chinese medicine published in a medical journal. 

Fall is an excellent time for an acupuncture tune-up! Scroll down for information about treating Covid symptoms with Chinese medicine and 2 short Qi Gong videos to strengthen the lungs – and thus your immunity –  this fall.

I look forward to seeing you soon! 


We are experiencing another wave of Covid cases. I expect that Covid will be with us moving forward! How can you protect yourself from infection, besides masking and good health practices such as proper sleep hygiene, a healthy diet and so forth?

In Chinese medicine we have herbal formulas that can strengthen immunity and protect against colds/flus/Covid. I may prescribe one of these to my patients who are teachers, or have young children, as they are most likely to be exposed to a host of viruses.

One modern version of a traditional formula called Jade Windscreen (its English name) is Astra C. You can order it from my online dispensary or text to (415)722-1723 or email and I can put it out for pick up or mail to you from my office. 

What if you are showing symptoms of a cold/flu or Covid? There are helpful formulas to have on hand in the fall, and if traveling, and would be taken at the first signs of infection until the symptoms resolve. These formulas contain potent anti-viral herbs: Andrographis ComplexCold AwayGan Mao Ling, and Yin Qiao
If a cough develops, Clear Air can be useful for opening the lungs and treating the cough. 

I am available for a short telehealth check in (via phone or Zoom) to assess and prescribe appropriate herbal medicine for Covid or other health issues that come up.

You can access my online dispensary at Fullscript here.

If it’s more convenient, I can put herbal medicine & supplements out for pick up or mail to you directly from my office. 

Be well! 

Yours in health,
Dr. Renée 



As of this Monday we have had 22 Spare the Air days here in the Bay area for 2014-15. What are Spare the Air days?

Air quality in the Bay Area can be unhealthy at times throughout the year.

Motor vehicle exhaust, gasoline vapors, industrial emissions and household chemicals contain volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxides that combine with oxygen in the presence of heat and sunlight to form ground-level ozone. Breathing ozone can cause throat irritation, congestion and chest pain. It can trigger asthma, inflame the lining of the lungs and worsen bronchitis and emphysema.

It is wise to take good care and strengthen the body against environmental influences such as these. Also, if you have asthma or allergies, you may find your symptoms are worse during the Spare the Air days of winter.

Acupuncture and herbal medicine can help bolster the body’s defenses against pollutants, clean the lungs of pollution and other toxins, and help restore optimal breathing energy.

Lymphatic drainage, using light touch, works with your body’s lymphatic system. It helps to clean the blood and is your body’s filtering system. While acupuncture detoxifies the body, I like to use lymphatic drainage as well. This gentle form of bodywork is quite powerful and produces noticeable results.

Similarly, craniosacral bodywork helps unwind deeper patterns in the body, enhancing your health and restoring hormonal balance.

The challenging air quality can also make you more susceptible to getting a cold or flu. I am seeing this a lot in my office right now. Acupuncture can lessen the severity of a cold/flu, strengthening your immune system to get you better faster!


Happy New Year!

The year 2015 is here! I hope you had a wonderful holiday time.

Happy new year! What improvements in your health do you want to see this year? Eat more whole, organic foods and cut back on sugar and processed foods? Have deeper, more refreshing sleep and better energy? Release stress from the body and ease tension? Attend to nagging health problems that are not resolving on their own?

The work I do can be of great support. Acupuncture, herbal medicine if needed, tailored to your particular health condition, and restorative bodywork help your body and mind come into balance and experience vibrant health.

Acupuncture helps stabilize blood sugar and regulate the metabolism, building energy which can help you to make healthier food choices. We also can explore your current diet and I can make recommendations.

Acupuncture relaxes the nervous system, helping the body and mind come into a restful state, which enables healing and repair of cells and body tissues, reducing inflammation.

The craniosacral bodywork is a terrific complement to acupuncture. I also offer this as a separate treatment as needed and by request (as an hour long session).

The new year is an excellent time for a tune up!